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Dealing with frenemies and port conflicts

Subtitle: How to identify which process is running on a port

Hi Folks:

I just found a surprise about a friend of mine. First I'll introduce: Gizmo5. First some background on how I met Gizmo5.

Do you know about Google Voice's offering? Google gives you a free phone number, then among other things, it lets you forward that number elsewhere. Where to forward it? One thing I wanted to do after moving to a new city (Helloooooo Austin!) was get a landline since my wife didn't get great cell reception at our new place. "A landline it is," I said, but continued to her mild displeasure, "but I want to try getting this set up without using AT&T." I searched for a good voice-over-IP phone service. I wanted something like Vonage, but I didn't want fees.

Gizmo5 is one of many free VOIP services, or SIP providers. Another I use is sipgate. Oh yeah, and there's Skype, but Skype charges a monthly fee for a phone number right? Something like that. Money was involved, so I didn't go there. Plus, I wanted to have more of a DIY solution. So the idea of these VOIP providers is they give a phone number that rings to an Internet-connected client. The easiest client is the laptop-based softphone that every SIP provider has. Here's the one from Gizmo:


But the Internet-connected client becomes much more interesting when the client is a simple, old-fashioned, landline style phone. This is what Vonage does.

So I bought an analog telephone adapter (ATA) from Grandstream for $45, and after a bit of configuration, I was able to plug my old landline phone into the ATA, then plug the ATA into my router, then have the ATA register itself with Gizmo5's servers to say, "when a call comes in to Bill's Gizmo5 account, let me know because I'm his phone." Then I had Google Voice forward my Google Voice number to that Gizmo5 number, and I'm in business. How cool is this? So cool that Google bought Gizmo5 and ended new registrations while they work on their integration plan. Don't worry though. You can set this up with a sipgate account too.

Anyway, I still have that Gizmo5 softclient running on my laptop from time to time. And today I fired up my WCI Automation service, and I messages like these in my PTSpy:

Automation Server cannot be initialized.
com.plumtree.openfoundation.util.XPException: Address already in use: JVM_Bind

InitForScheduler(): Unable to start communicator on port 7777 Address already in use: JVM_Bind

Hey, what's that about? I ran this command to see what was running on port 7777:

Netstat -a -n -o | GREP 7777

And the report came back:

TCP               LISTENING       3184

So what is running behind process 3184? I checked my task manager and found it's my friend Gizmo5 now acting as my enemy:


Since I don't know how to change the port of Gizmo5, I hop into my serverconfig.xml and change the automation server's port, restart, and I'm back in business with a fully functioning WCI system. Gizmo5 is no longer an enemy but a friend.

PS: The business model behind free SIP providers is they charge for outgoing telephone calls. Gizmo5 is a penny per minute. Sipgate is two cents per minute. But incoming calls are free, so? Initiate those long calls from Google Voice. Google will ring your SIP provider as an incoming call, then Google rings the party you wish to speak with, and it's free.

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