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Over the past many releases of ALUI/WCI, I've been dragging a UI customization along to properly order subcommunities and related communities. Since it looks like the bug that my customization addresses won't be going away any time soon, I thought I'd share it.

In Plumtree 5.x, subcommunities and related communities displayed in alphabetical order. This made sense for humans, the predominant users of the portal. Once G6 was released though, this ordering was lost, and communities then ordered by object ID. This made sense for computers, but... what about the humans? I replaced the NavigationCommSectionDropDown view after putting in a bit of code that grabs the community objects and reorders them for humans.

Default UI

Human-Friendly UI (customized)

You can download the code here. The download includes a diff showing how my code varies from the 6.x view it replaces. It also includes a diff showing the minor modifications between 6.x and 10g. Based on the apparent insignificance of the 10g changes, I continue to build the customized DLL based on the 6.x code. 

To deploy this customization, add the following to %WCI_HOME%\settings\portal\CustomActivitySpaces.xml:

<libfile name="subcommalphaorder"/>
Then copy the attached DLL to these locations:



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