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Convert YouTube Lectures to MP3

In addition to working for Oracle, I'm a student these days. Periodically I'm asked by a class to watch a lecture on YouTube. Most recently, I've been watching this lecture by thought-leader Jyri Engeström in which he discusses objects around which communities socialize (photos, mobile phones, potato harvests, cats, etc) and what makes compelling services around these social objects. It turns out his lecture doesn't rely heavily on his slides, and I found myself wanting to listen to this through my mp3 player instead of sitting tethered in front of my computer. Yeah, yeah, I know I wouldn't have this problem if I had an iPhone, but...

Here's how I converted a YouTube lecture to MP3:

* Grabbed the mp4 video by going to, entering the YouTube URL, then clicking the download button. At this point, the video was on my laptop
* Used MMConvert to "Convert to MP3" as its left menu offers. I had it use the video as the source instead of the audio files it expected.

That's great, but... don't you figure there's an easier way?

Turns out someone else set up a service to do this conversion. You can use for this.

Of course, some YouTube content just isn't suited for MP3 format. An example is of my favorite video lectures by an anthropologist and interpreter of Web 2.0, Michael Wesch. Over the summer he gave an incredible lecture for the Library of Congress entitled An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube." Instead of converting the visual content into audio content, it will convert the YouTube hater into a YouTube lover.

As much as I sometimes feel afflicted by the distractions of frivolity of social media, I can't ignore that they can provide critical community, career opportunities, entertainment, advice, and so forth. So I'm glad to learn ways to interact with and manipulate content that might otherwise look locked in a delivery channel (e.g. YouTube) or format (video). I hope you'll benefit from these too.

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