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Are you a chronic ALUI upgrader? A newbie? I gave a presentation at BEA Participate discussing best practices to make anyone have a more pleasant upgrade experience. Seriously, upgrades don't need to be painful.

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Validate Your Work During Upgrades

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You know those upgrade nights when you're working on a dozen servers and performing 50 steps on each of them? It can be easy to miss something.

I've taken to following a test plan during these upgrade activities to double check that we complete every step on every server.

Most steps end up creating a finger print of some sort. For example:

  • Running the ALUI installer changes the timestamp on to the present
  • Installing a CF changes the timestamp on a DLL or JAR to the date the CF was released
  • Updating the license.bea file changes its timestamp to the present
  • Carefully copying back an i18n file with your customizations changes its timestamp from the default time
  • Changing those various setting for foo results in new values for bar being put in place

And most of those fingerprints can be verified from the command line. You can easily check a timestamp using the dir or ls command. And you can use grep to find a section of a config file.

So what I've done of late is create a series of commands that I can paste into the prompt on a computer to check every server in the upgrade to verify an upgrade activity is complete. I put these into a spreadsheet. The first page allows me to enter the list of servers in my upgrade. The second page generates these verification commands for every server. As the system administrators go through each step of the upgrade, I copy columns from my spreadsheet into a command prompt, and I get a quick visual for every server whether the activity is complete. For example:

grep -1 set.LD_LIBRARY_PATH  \\ALUI-AS-01\plumtree\ptws\6.1\settings\config\wrapper.conf
grep -1 set.LD_LIBRARY_PATH  \\ALUI-IM-01\plumtree\ptws\6.1\settings\config\wrapper.conf
grep -1 set.LD_LIBRARY_PATH  \\ALUI-IM-02\plumtree\ptws\6.1\settings\config\wrapper.conf
grep -1 set.LD_LIBRARY_PATH  \\ALUI-JS-01\plumtree\ptws\6.1\settings\config\wrapper.conf
grep -1 set.LD_LIBRARY_PATH  \\ALUI-SS-01\plumtree\ptws\6.1\settings\config\wrapper.conf

I've done this in several upgrades, and it seems like for about half of those I find something had been missed. I can immediately point this out to the server admin, and we quickly get back on track. It's a very cheap test in terms of time, but it can save hours of debugging trouble at the end of the upgrade.

Take a look at my spreadsheet. You'll want to update it according to your needs, but it should get you started down a path of sweet success.