June 2009 Archives

Sometimes you just need to change ports. When I was a kid, it was the port of New York:


In search of love, I tried the port of Syndey (from which I supported a Plumtree portal system):


Later I found true love in the port of Seattle (from which I supported a BEA ALUI portal system):


And now the local port is San Francisco (from which I support an Oracle WCI portal system).


And speaking of those portals and changing ports, sometimes you realize that your Configuration Manager service would suit you better if it ran on a different port. You can change the port by following these steps:

1. Remove the existing configuration manager service:

%PT_HOME%\configmgr\2.0\bin\configmgr.bat remove

2. Backup then edit %PT_HOME%\configmgr\2.0\settings\config\private.xml. Set the "EAS:httpsport" to the desired port.

3. Backup then edit %PT_HOME%\configmgr\2.0\settings\config\wrapper.conf. Edit the wrapper.ntservice.name and wrapper.ntservice.displayname to reflect the desired port.

4. Install the configuration manager service:

%PT_HOME%\configmgr\2.0\bin\configmgr.bat install

5. Start the configuration manager service.