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Recently I had a conversation with someone about the features available in ALUI for portlet developers. We spoke mostly about what the IDK offers, but there's more too. The IDK is largely about data access and content transformation on the back end, either at the remote server level or in the portal's "gateway" processing space. But much can be done on the browser side too using adaptive portlets. I wrote a guide for this a long while ago, and it's still relevant and helpful. So I'll post it here.

The guide starts with a Word document that gives an overview and screenshots of adaptive portlets. Then it gives installation instructions for the samples that are provided with the guide in its zip file. I'll put the first few pages of the Word document in this post so you can know whether you want to download the entire guide with its sample code.

Getting Started with  Adaptive Portlets

BEA uses the term "Adaptive Portlets" to refer to portlets using AJAX--technologies generally based in JavaScript and XML that allow richer application development.  A simple introduction to this technology is provided through the "Intro to Adaptive Portlets" community with its associated portlets. This document describes that community and how to install it on your own system.

The "Intro to Adaptive Portlets" community consists of several pages. The main page describes the adaptive portlet technology.  Subsequent pages of the community illustrate different design patterns individually, and then the last page shows all technologies together in a cacophonous celebration. Screenshots of the pages are below.

Main Page

Auto Refresh

Inline Navigator

Inline Post


Broadcast Listener

All in One!