How to Revive a Failed Search Node

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I recently posted about how to restore a search cluster that has failed. Step 1 was to make sure all the nodes are running. But what if one of the nodes won't start? What do you do when a node itself is corrupted?

Ironically, you can't use the tools to reset a node if the node is broken and won't start. But you can go on the file system and clean it up with these steps--though make sure the node really is stopped before you do this.

In shorthand for the Unix-minded:

set search_home=d:\bea\alui\ptsearchserver\6.1
set node=alui-ss-0101
rm -rf %search_home%\%node%\index\*
mkdir %search_home%\%node%\index\1
echo 1 > %search_home%\%node%\index\ready
cd %search_home%\%node%\index\1
..\..\..\bin\native\emptyarchive lexicon archive
..\..\..\bin\native\emptyarchive spell spell

Or more prosaically for those who prefer Windows and a mouse:

  1. Go into the index folder of the node. On my machine, it's d:\bea\alui\ptsearchserver\6.1\bbenac0201\index.
  2. The index folder will contain a folder named 1. Open this folder and delete all its contents.
  3. The index folder may also contain a folder named 2. If this is the case, delete the folder 2.
  4. The index folder should contain a file named "ready." Open it and make sure it contains just the number 1. This "ready" file tells the node to look within folder 1 for its content.
  5. Open a command prompt within the folder 1.
  6. Run these commands, the first of which should create about 8 files, the second of which should create about 7:
    ..\..\..\bin\native\emptyarchive lexicon archive
    ..\..\..\bin\native\emptyarchive spell spell
At this point, you should be able to start your node. It will contact the search cluster and populate itself with the current search index.


What if you did this, then brought the node online, and the node shows up as "RUN" in the cluster manager, but the node never populates with the index and even though both nodes are in a "RUN" state, the cluster shows up as "IMPAIRED" ?

Rod, I'm not sure about exactly what would be happening in your environment, but sometimes the problem is not limited to the node but exists in the central cluster from which the node would sync. If fixing a node doesn't resolve my search problems, sometimes I resort to purging and recreating the cluster. This can be done with:

[wci_home]\ptsearchserver\[version]\bin\native\cadmin purge

Good luck.

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