Retrieve the info submitted into a timed-out webmail program

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I spend a lot of time in web-based email systems, and I've lost way too many email messages to a timed-out session. If I'm writing something both important and complicated, then I often am still composing after my session times out. Then when I click send? I get an error message.


Today though I realized that since the content of my message is still in my browser and resubmitted every time I refresh that error page, I can actually retrieve it. In Firefox, I have a HTTP header monitor called TamperData that shows me my headers, including the POST section from my web-based emails. In MSIE, I would use Fiddler, though I've not tested this exact use case there. In any case, I can indeed retrieve the message.


The next problem though is the message is encoded with plus+signs+between+the+words and without line breaks separating paragraphs. I realized I could write some simple Javascript to decode the message properly. You may want to do the same thing. I'll put the code here for you to read/take, and I'll also put the form here for my use and yours.


function getit(sin) {
mystr=mystr.replace(/\+/g," ")
<form name=myform>
<hr><b>Enter your encoded message:</b><br>
<textarea rows=4 cols=80 name=theinput></textarea>
<input type=button value="Decode it!"onclick=getit(theinput.value)>
<textarea rows=20 cols=80 name=theoutput></textarea>

Enter your encoded message:

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