A Secret to Install Pandora on Blackberry

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pandora_blackberry.pngTo my normal readers, don't worry! This blog will soon return to its regular programming!

While installing Pandora on my Blackberry Pearl, I hit an obscure error message. Google only knew of a single page in the whole wide world wide web that discussed this error, but that page had no solution. So now for the perfect stranger who came here from Google, who doesn't care about Oracle software, who doesn't know me, and who just wants to listen to his or her reggae/polka/rap/country/classical music through the Blackberry, I bring you this special announcement:

Pandora provides different application downloads based on which device it thinks you're using, and it determines your device by your browser's emulation mode. So if you're not using the Blackberry emulation mode, then your device may try to download the wrong one. In my case, I saw the error "Unsupported media type: application/x-cabinet," and the device wanted to download pandora.cab. I was using MS Pocket IE mode when that happened. You may be using a different but still wrong mode, so try setting it properly. To do so:

  1. Open your browser (and it must be the default browser--don't try Opera Mini or some such thing)
  2. Click the Blackberry menu button
  3. Select "Options"
  4. Select "Browser Configuration"
  5. Set your emulation mode to Blackberry
  6. Navigate to http://www.pandora.com (or refresh if you had already been there)
  7. Download, and you'll be in business
  8. For good sound, use a headset of some sort
  9. Give me a comment if this really did help you


Thank You !
Had my emulation set wrong and couldn't get it to work.
Yours is the first page that I found that actually helped

I went into browser configuration but there is no mention of emulation or emulation mode?

Thanks for the clue. It work great!!

So... I go to pandora.com with the browser, it gives me "Download Pandora Now"
I click it, it says it has downloaded, but I look around my phone and it's not there; then when I go back to the website to see if I have to log in, it gives me the same "Download Pandora Now"

So what am I doing wrong and what should I do to make Pandora show up?

Thanks man i was starting to get really annoyed

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