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WCI Recurring Jobs Don't Party in 2013

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post-party-mess.jpgHappy New Year!

Now that the holiday parties are over, we get to deal with the mess that comes so often in technology when calendars turn over. The mess I found myself facing this morning is due to a "feature" of WCI, so you may have it too.

Recurring jobs are set to run on an interval that has an end date. The portal UI defaults to an end date of Jan 1, 2013. Any pre-existing job that was set to run periodically and to use the default end date is no longer scheduled to run. This includes many crawlers, syncs, maintenance jobs, and so forth. Any new job set to run on a recurring basis defaults to Jan 1 2013 which since it's in the past will cause the job to run once but never again.

You can query the portal database to get a list of jobs that [1] ran as recently as December and [2] aren't scheduled to run again. This is the list of likely candidates that would need to be rescheduled. Also, the query gives URL suffixes to let you easily create links to open the job editors. In your case, you may want to put the full URL to your admin portal in there. In my case, I used this query for many systems with different prefixes, so I kept it generic. Here's the query I used:

      ,u.NAME 'owner name'
      ,'server.pt?open=256&objID=' + cast(j.objectid as varchar(9)) 'admin editor page suffix'
  where NEXTRUNTIME is null and LASTRUNTIME > '12/1/2012'
  order by [owner name]


Update: This is now BUG:15947880 and KB Article:1516806.1.