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The title tells me this is going to be boring to some readers, but I guarantee those who arrive from Google searches will be glad for it--especially since an early discussion of this that used to be on is now gone.

A funny problem arises when you take certain portlets written in .NET and load them into ALUI 6.5 or Oracle 10gR3 portals. The portlets at issue use the EDK/IDK's PRC library. Even though these portlets work fine when loaded into ALUI 6.1 portals, they suddenly fail with this deceptive message:

The underlying connection was closed: The server committed an HTTP protocol violation. at com.plumtree.remote.prc.soap.QueryInterfaceProcedures.GetVersionInfo() in e:\latestbuild\Release\devkit\5.4.x\prc\src\dotnet\portalprocedures\QueryInterfaceProcedures.cs:line 35 at com.plumtree.remote.prc.xp.XPRemoteSession.getAPIVersion() in e:\latestbuild\Release\devkit\5.4.x\prc\src\xpj2c\portalclient\com\plumtree\remote\prc\xp\XPRemoteSession.cs:line 352 at Plumtree.Remote.PRC.RemoteSessionWrapper.GetAPIVersion() in e:\latestbuild\Release\devkit\5.4.x\prc\src\dotnet\portalclient\RemoteSessionWrapper.cs:line 144 at apicheck.WebForm1.PageLoad(Object sender, EventArgs e) in d:\www\api-check\portlet.aspx.cs:line 60

The real problem though is that the application's web.config file needs an extra setting block dropped in just beneath system.web:

<servicePointManager expect100Continue="false" />

You'll have to do this with your custom portlets, but it's may also necessary with portlets that come from Oracle/BEA. I've encountered it with the SharePoint Console, for example.

Enjoy (no hugs though),


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