Firefox Plugin Shows Host Portal Info

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ALUIportalhost.jpgAre you familiar with the routine of opening the HTML source of an ALUI portal page, scrolling to the bottom, and checking for the name of the host server? This is something I've done countless times in load balanced environments when trying to test or debug a server.

I decided to make a Firefox plugin that will extract that portal host information then display it at the bottom of the browser so that I can immediately see the portal host.

I've had several other people try this plugin, and they found it useful. I hope you'll find it helpful too. To install it, download the plugin, then drag it onto your Firefox browser. It's been tested on FF versions 1.5 through 3.5.


Updated October 7:

Thanks to Andreas Mersch who improved on my original extension. With his addition, the browser will now display the portal performance information along with the portal host. The new version can be downloaded with the same link as before.


Hi Bill,

nice helpful plugin. I have modified it for my needs so that the plugin also shows the "Total Request Time". Shall I share you my modifications?


Andreas, I would love to have your modification! Just yesterday I was considering digging in to get the Page Construction Time out because I've been doing some server-side performance tuning and I could use that information.

Have you looked at a plugin called YSlow by any chance? It shows total time from the browser's perspective, which is a bit different from the server-side time reported in the HTML. YSlow extends Firebug.



How about an option to also display what user you are currently logged in as?
In our intranet we don't bother with the common "welcome user XYZ", and sometimes this is challenging for us as we test and forget who we actually are logged in as!

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