How to Remove Individual Components of Collab

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Let's get to know how to easily do what the Collab installer doesn't let you do easily: manage its individual components.

At my current client, we're upgrading ALUI Collab 4.2 to 4.5 as part of our upgrade to ALUI 6.5. One feature of the new ALUI suite is that it offers a "common notification service" that replaces the collab-specific notification service that had been part of 4.2. Accordingly, we don't need the old Collab notification service. The official upgrade documentation says "If you have an existing Notification Service from your previous installation of Collaboration, disable or uninstall it." But how do you do that?

If you run the Collab 4.2 or 4.5 uninstaller on a machine with more than one Collab component, it will remove every component. That doesn't work well since you're trying to upgrade the Collab piece and remove the notification piece. Similarly, you may realize that you installed Collab 4.5's Search Service on the Collab box when you really want it on the Search box, so how do you remove just the Search Service?

In either case, you can use the batch file that is part of the undesired component, remove the service, then delete the files from the file system. In the case of the 4.2 notification, use this batch file: %ALUI_HOME%ptnotification\4.2\bin\ptnotificationserverd.bat, and in the case of the Search Service, use this batch file: %ALUI_HOME%searchservice\1.1\bin\searchservice.bat. Pass in the parameter "remove" and you're done.



Its amazing how so much stuff like this is not caught in QA.

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